Don’t leave human development to chance.

The Index is a digital assessment tool that measures formative capacities to accelerate personal and professional growth.

Grounded in 20 years of cutting-edge research, and benchmarked with 600,000 participants across career fields, the Index is designed for impact.


What is the Index?

The Index is a digital assessment tool that measures formative capacities to accelerate personal and professional growth. Built on 20 years of peer-reviewed empirical research from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership, the Index offers the only national, normative dataset for benchmarking across a broad spectrum of demographic groups. Designed with statistical techniques to mitigate bias, the Index is designed and tested to be responsive to users’ diverse identities and experiences.

Who is it for?

The Index is available for anyone who wants to learn more about their formative capacities. Built upon the largest ongoing study of leadership development in the world, the Index is an innovative resource for high school and college students as well as educators and professionals.

What are the benefits?

The Index is configurable by you to better achieve your personal, professional, and programmatic goals. This configuration allows for a variety of applications including educational assessment and accreditation, leadership development curriculum, and training and development.

Explore the Index Impact

“We’re excited to adopt The Index to support career readiness grounded in science. Our stakeholders rely on data-driven decision making, and so should our staff and students.”
Dr. Jana Lithgow

Executive Director, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

“I’ve witnessed the dynamic and compelling impact of the Index on students, educators, and community leaders alike. It provides a sense of self-worth and agency to chart their own career, leadership, and community impact trajectories.”

Leonette Henderson

Founder, PhilantroCulture

“Engineering educators spend significant energy in developing students’ capacities to engage more effectively in team-based environments. The Index is an excellent tool and framework for us to utilize as we develop team-based leadership skills in our introductory engineering courses and leadership programs.”

Ramsey G. Jabaji

Director & Lecturer of Global Engineering Leadership, University of Maryland

“The research Index is based on provides an enduring legacy of helping hundreds of thousands of students come to see themselves as capable leaders while also providing educators and organizations with the data and evidence to drive learning and development.”

Dr. Julie Owen

Associate Professor, Leadership Studies, George Mason University