Our Work

CELO approaches the work of transformative change through a multi-level approach, bringing together multiple communities of practice across four levels of engagement to stimulate impact and field-shaping. There is a massive opportunity to leverage the knowledge of Communities of Practice to connect them into larger opportunity ecosystems that exponentially increase access, optimize program quality, and accelerate impact for millions of young people. 

CELOs Opportunity Ecosystems

Our opportunity ecosystems aim to develop and encourage evidence-based strategies for accelerating human capital in service of individual, organizational, and community impact. By drawing on community assets and strategies and centering communities as experts, CELO partners with existing organizations and entities to mitigate constraints on impact by co-creating pathways to high-quality, developmental opportunities.

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Communities of Practice

Multiple communities of practice benefit from and contribute to CELO’s opportunity ecosystem, such as:

  • Leadership Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Post-Secondary Access & Success
  • Community Service & Civic Engagement
  • STEM Education