Design Studio Fellowships

At CELO, we believe that young people should not just be participants in programs, but also empowered to co-create, design, and deliver programs. CELO’s Design Studio Fellowship carefully curates cohorts of 50 participants, including young people (ages 18-25), from across sectors and disciplines to reflect the diversity of the youth development space.

Our approach is uncommon in that it engages the organizations for which our Fellows work, in addition to cultivating each Fellow’s personal and professional growth. Together, they engage in personal reflection and community building, training on high-impact research and how to apply it, and collaborative working groups to critically examine — and re-envision — their youth development offering.

An explicit commitment to equity, opportunity, and justice, and the knowledge that we are collectively more powerful.

Organizations committed to transformative change

Content experts and leaders

Policy Reports

Each cohort produces a report to share insights  and recommendations for the youth development field:

  • The inaugural CELO Impact Fellowship (2022) engaged researchers, practitioners, and youth from across the United States on how to improve access, quality, and resourcing of youth leadership development programs nationally.
  • The second CELO Impact Fellowship was launched in 2023 in partnership with the Allstate Foundation to stage a new definition and model of service for contemporary society co-created by youth, scholars, and service-centered organizations. Learn more about the 2023 Youth Service Fellows here.