Impact Fellowships

The CELO Impact Fellowships bring together content experts who support the strategy and launch of major initiatives while simultaneously enacting local change in their community. This group builds community through thought partnership, reflective dialogues, action-oriented projects centered on shaping the next generation of human development strategy, and field shaping campaigns.

The inaugural CELO Impact Fellowship (2022) engaged researchers, practitioners, and youth from across the United States on how to improve access, quality, and resourcing of youth programs nationally. 

The second CELO Impact Fellowship launched in 2023 in partnership with the Allstate Foundation to stage a new definition and model of service for contemporary society co-created by youth, scholars, and service-centered organizations. 

An explicit commitment to equity, opportunity, and justice, and the knowledge that we are collectively more powerful.

Organizations committed to transformative change

Content experts and leaders

Policy Reports

Over the course of one year, the inaugural CELO Impact Fellows collaborated across sectors and participated in over 24 hours of design sprints focused on the advancement of youth leadership development. The culmination of their experience led to two policy reports:

The Future of Leadership Development Practice: A Call to Increase Access and Quality

Advancing Youth Leadership Development Research: Moving the Field Toward Greater Access and Quality

These policy reports outline the background and importance of leadership education issues as well as recommendations for action and case studies centering youth experiences in leadership development opportunities.