Readers of Leadership Thoughts have seen several quick summaries of podcasts where Myles Surrett interviews professionals in the field of college student leadership development.  We have highlighted four key individuals in this blog — all of whom have had key roles in some way in the development of the MSL.

Myles and the NASPA Leadership Podcast are now embarking on a journey through a new 6-part series, focusing on John Dugan’s new book Leadership Theory: Cultivating Critical Perspectives.  As the series unfolds, we will share with you a summary of each session – and will link to the podcast episodes so that you may listen on your own!  We will highlight these episodes over the next few weeks, however, by the time we post the first summary, most of the series will already be out there – you are free to listen ahead!  Also, we may intermingle other articles into this blog in between each summary as well.

We hope you enjoy this series as much as we have, and look for our first summary shortly!